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Processed Food Anyone?

Processed Food Anyone?


Processed Food – Do You Know What Is In It?

The exceptional appeal of processed food is clear to see.  It saves time, making it an easy choice for people with busy lifestyles. It is also reasonably priced which is difficult for people to say no to, especially for those with limited budgets.  And it tastes good.

We have to take a bigger look our relationship with our food, though.  Research indicates there are clear reasons why overweight people and the food we buy, as well as sick people and off the shelf packaged food, are closely food

Is it Really Good For Our Health Though?

It has been said again and again that processed food is decidedly not good for our health. They contain very little nutrients while being ultra-high in calories.  They lack vitamins and antioxidants – the micronutrients very helpful for the prevention of diseases.  Moreover, not only do they lack what our bodies need; they, in fact, have industrially-engineered ingredients that can harm us.  Nutritionists say that it is the very composition of this kind of food – what they have and what they lack – that is responsible for a lot of people acquiring health problems – obesity, heart disease, cancer, and many more.  It is hardly surprising that overweight people and processed food are closely linked just as sick people which are. Isn’t it amazing that we have more people sick than ever before which if you look closely are more than likely nutrition related. . .


What makes processed food bad for us?

Could It Be The Sugar?

They have high sugar and fructose corn syrup content – loaded with them, in fact.  Sugar has a lot of calories but no nutrients; it is for this reason that it has what we refer to as empty calories. Sugar affects metabolism in a bad way.  It leads the body to resist insulin and to register high levels of bad cholesterol and fat, particularly in the abdomen and liver.  For these reasons, sugar is closely linked to some of the most serious medical conditions – cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Does Processed Food Taste Good?

Is it a Fake Taste?

Processed food tastes good. They have been engineered precisely to appeal to our taste. And because we find the taste highly desirable, we tend to eat more of it. It is human nature to be attracted to food that is fatty, salty, and sweet. Evolutionary history tells us that this is inherent to our nature as these tastes are strongly associated with food that we needed for survival.

In spite of this inclination for sweet, salty, and fatty, we are naturally wired to regulate what we eat so that balance is maintained between energy consumed and energy burned. Studies indicate, however,  that processed food has been engineered to make it difficult for us to sustain this particular predisposition.  It has become difficult for us to activate this inherent defense mechanism.  Eating food that is processed has become so “rewarding” that it has led us to overeating – and predisposed to becoming fat and sick.

Are The Ingredients Real?

  • There are a lot of artificial ingredients contained in the packaged foods.
  • It has preservatives to keep it from rotting.
  • It has colorants to give it attractive colours to make it look appealing and mouth-watering. 
  • It has artificial flavours to enhance its taste.  
  • And it has texturants to give it pleasing and tempting textures. 

and it is loaded with chemicals which studies show are harmful to health.

Fibre has been found important for weight loss, as well as for the prevention of constipation, heart disease, and other physical ailments.  Did you know processed food, however, has very little fibre.  Processing and refining it remove what little fibre it may have had in the beginning. Moreover, processed food are rich in hydrogenated oils and trans-fat which are known to be harmful to health.

What are some food to avoid? . . .

includes hotdogs and other processed meats, fizzy drinks, store-bought biscuits, cakes, and other sweets and pastries, pre-made salad dressings, sugary breakfast cereals, and artificially flavoured snacks and other so called junk food.

I hope this is informative for you.



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