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What Would You Do For Food for Holidays?

Good holiday nutrition

What Would You Do For Food for Holidays?


Planning Food for Holidays

Holidays are happy occasions – where you bond and have a great time with family and friends – and gain weight from all the rich, fattening, and glorious food that seems to always mark the season.

However, you need not gain too much weight during the holidays.  With a little planning and creativity, you can prepare sumptuous mouth-watering dishes from holiday recipes that do not necessarily spell disaster for your waist.

What To Take On Holiday

What to take on your break is a question that most of us ask ourselves.  But we need not fuss or fret.  There are holiday recipes that are also healthy options.  They may taste scrumptious and indulgent but prepared in a sensible and healthy way, and taken in moderate portions, they are good for you.

Nutrition on holidayTurkey is a great source of:

  • Protein
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B.

It keeps blood cholesterol low, protects against heart disease and cancer, and strengthens the immune system.  There are many holiday recipes which make use of turkey – many of them delectable.  Very filling, turkey allows you to feel full without eating too much of it. 

What About The White Meat?

The white meat is good for you.  Stay away from the fatty skin and try not to slather your portion with too much buttery gravy.  If you have leftovers, you can enjoy them as sandwich filling, making them more flavourful and nutritious with a handful of cranberries.

Enhance the flavour of your turkey by serving cranberry sauce on the side.  Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and fibre, helping you to fight bad cholesterol.

Another Holiday Food Option . . .

holiday healthy eatingSweet potatoes are another healthy holiday option.  They are rich in potassium, Vitamin A, and fibre.  Because they contain phytochemicals, they help prevent cancer and aging.  The fibre in them makes you feel full even if you take just a small portion.  They are best roasted as roasting seems to bring out and enhance the taste.

There are many holiday recipes that feature the addition of pomegranates – a rich source of antioxidants.  You can sprinkle the seeds over a salad of green leafy vegetables like lettuce or cabbage, tomatoes, apples, and cucumber and add flavour, texture, and colour to your dish. 

It is also available as bottled juice which you can incorporate as part of the liquid in a great holiday dish or mix with other fruit juices to make a delicious, colourful holiday drink.

What Else Can You Add For Food For Holidays?

You can also use pecans to salads or stuffing.  Or you can take it as a healthy snack. Crammed with fibre, protein, Vitamin E, and magnesium, they are healthy, as well as delicious.

Stuffing is usually perceived as a rich and fattening holiday dish.  However, you can tweak your recipe and make it a healthy dish.  Add carrots, celery, nuts, herbs and dried fruit for more fibre and vitamins.  Instead of loading it with butter, you can opt for low-sodium chicken broth to keep it moist.

And Spice It Up!

Make your recipes shine with spices like sweet cinnamon and earthy and nutty nutmeg.  You can add a dash of these spices to your side dishes of fruit or vegetable and bring up the taste, as well as the health benefits.

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